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Viber app is available for installation on Smartphone with any current operating system. We can say that this application is multiplatform. Download Viber for iPad with the version of Viber for IOS. Enjoy the benefits of installing Viber for iPad. If we compare the chat applications, the binomial Viber iPad has maximum rival WhatsApp download for Samsung Galaxy as app messages instantly for Tablet or mobile.

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Viber app

Viber app for iPad is an application with multiple functions. With this application we can make voice calls over IP (VoIP) and send text messages, images and videos, share our location, maintain conversations with multiple people and more functions totally free. In addition download Viber for iPad allows you to make free calls with excellent sound quality. Take advantage of the wide screen of the tablet, for your conversations, much bigger than your iPhone.

Download Viber for iPad free is very easy and fast. Follow our simple tutorial and enjoy with this fantastic application in your iPad.

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Viber for iPad installation guide

The installation of Viber for iPad is very simple. Follow the tutorial and the installation guide.

For the installation of the application we are going to need a tablet of Apple. An iPad with 3G internet access or Wifi, with which we will download the Viber for iPad.

The application is available for free on the Apple site and we can access it from link on itunes web. Once the download we will open the app and we will activate the notifications and alerts. Viber for activation is going to check our phone number or our mobile smartphone. We will introduce in phone number and then press the button 'continue'. It will automatically open a window where to click to allow Viber app please send us an SMS with the activation code, it is a 4 digit code. Just type the code in our iPad and press the button 'Enter Viber'. Once completed these steps, Viber on iPad is fully installed and ready for use.

Viber on iPad installation Guide

Since this time we can now make calls to our contacts. Viber for iPad recognizes users who have installed the application and uses our agenda of contacts of our Smartphone. We can make calls by typing the number directly or using the contact of our agenda. To send text messages we have only to select the contact. Share images and videos in your conversations.

It is important to know that Viber app can only be active in a device with the same mobile number. If we want to enjoy Viber for iPad and Viber for iPhone we need to use different numbers of mobile.

If only we have a number of mobile, we can request a new number. Internet services as fonyou, they can provide new numbers to us. With this service it is not necessary to hire a line with a telephony operator.



The main features of Viber app

• Send free text messages.

• Send pictures and videos.

• Send emoticons and stickers to make funny conversations.

• To make free calls HD with high definition sound from Viber App

Receiving notifications through the Push service. This ensures that your messages will not be lost even if Viber is not connected.

• The application is available in over 30 languages such as English, Spanish, Catalan, French, German, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Danish, Japanese, Polish, Russian ... etc

• Viber App is a free application and without advertisement or any annoying spam.

What's New in Version 5.0.0 Viber for iPad

• You can now do video calls from your Smartphone. You can make video calls from your iPad to other devices such as mobile phones and desktop computers.

• The new version includes for the possibility of add contacts from QR codes

• Organizes more easily the packs of stickers

• Improve the sending of photos and video messages

What's New in Version 5.2.1 Viber for iPad requires iOS 7.0 or later

  • Support for new Smartphone iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus of Apple.

  • New emoticons galleries and stickers

  • New function Bug Fixes

Viber for iOS version 5.2.1

During the 2015 Viber has presented numerous developments. Incorporating new features and improvements in the use of the application. The 2015 version available for download on devices with iOS system, it is version 5.2.1 and the size of the application is 70.0 MB. Jan 4, 2015.

Try the new version of Viber for iOS exclusively designed and optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. You know more details in the section Viber app for IOS. Discover this unique customization. The sales figures of mobile devices are increasing every day. Different models of the brand of the apple appear in the first positions in the sales charts. Don't expect more and test this app. Hundreds of new friends are waiting for you.

This latest version adds the ability to make video calls from devices with iOS and Android system.

Download Stickers for Viber app

From the launch Viber App one of the features that has improved, is the incorporation of the famous stickers or emoticons.Other messaging applications have the ability to insert stickers in the talks. Send stickers in our chats helps us to make more fun our conversations.

From the stickers you want to show collections of stickers available for Viber app. Other messaging applications have the ability to insert stickers in the talks.

Send stickers in our chats helps us to make more fun our conversations. It should be noted that not all collections of stickers are to be paid. Many of them are free and it is not necessary to carry out any additional cost to dispose of them in our PC, Tablet or Smartphone.If you have installed Viber on your mobile device only need to go to the store of stickers. In the bottom right of the chat screen, you can find the icon to access the shop of stickers or decals. Once inside the tent decals you will find the tabs.

  • New collections
  • stickers free
  • the prominent
  • and the tab of the collections grouped by themes

One of the most enjoyable features of the collections of stickers for this application is that Viber has stickers animated in some of their collections free and many others available for purchase. If you want to get a laugh from your friends, family or other contacts don't forget to download the stickers lively to brighten up your conversations.

If you want to quickly view the collections of stickers are available for the application, be sure to visit the section of stickers on our website.